Pueblo West Sportsman's Association

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Range Numbers

Main Gate
Main gate, E. Loma Dr.

Rifle/Pistol Range (Range 1)

100 yard rifle/pistol range.

Range 1
Range 1

Rifle Ranges (Ranges 2-5)

100, 200, 300, and 425 yards.

Range 3

Pistol Ranges (Ranges 7-12)

Range 8
Range 11

Shotgun Ranges (Ranges 15-16)

Shotgun Trap Range
Shotgun Trap Range

Black Powder Range (Range 6)

200 meter black powder range.

Black Powder Range

Archery Ranges (Ranges 13-14)

Archery Range
Archery Range

Full-Time Residents

The Pueblo West Sportsman's Association is a wildlife refuge. Here are some of our residents!