Pueblo West Sportsman's Association

For Sale

Cold hardy cactus over 29 varieties of cacti and Yucca for all your Xeric needs. Contact Mark - Cactus Haven @ 719-248-3825 or CactusHaven@gmail.com.

Two Warn winches. One is the early model M8000. The other is a model M8274. Both have good cable. M8000 comes with control panel and the M8274 comes with wired remote. Contact Sam @ 719-250-2553

Reloading Equipment

All unused except for about 50 rounds sized in the press


CCI 500 small pistol Twenty-four packs of 500; $10 per 500
Federal small pistol Forty-Six packs of 100; $2 per 100
CCI 500 small pistol Eleven packs of 1000; $20 per 1000
CCI 400 small rifle Seven packs of 1000; $20 per 1000
CCI 400 small rifle Sixteen packs of 100; $2 per 100
Winchester WSP small pistol Two packs of 1000; $20 per 1000
Winchester WSR small rifle Two packs of 1000; $20 per 1000
CCI 450 small rifle Magnum Two packs of 100; $2 each


All powder approx 8-10 years old; kept in 50-65 °Fstorage temp
Unique smokeless nine 1 lb containers; $14per lb
Hodgdon Varget Rifle seventeen 1 lb containers; $18 per lb
Hodgdon H322 three 8lb containers; $140 per 8 lbs
Hodgdon H335 one 1lb containers; $14 per lb
Hodgdon H332 two 1lb containers$16 per lb
Hodgdon Tite-Group pistol four 1 lb containers; $10 per lb
Alliant Reloader 10X small bore rifle; 3 1-lb containers; $15/lb

RCBS RC IV Rockchucker press: $150


RCBS .223 Small Base Set:$30
RCBS .40 3 DIE Carb Set:$45
RCBS 9mm 3 Die Carb TC Set:$45
RCBS 357Mag/38Spl 3 Die Carb Set:$55
RCBS 6.8 Rem SPC Seater:$20
Lee 6.8 Rem SPC Crimp:$12

Many other items including bullets.
Cash only; no $100bills. Contact Mike @ 719-671-4563